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Upholstered furniture is more attractive and comfortable to use but trying to keep it clean throughout the years can end up being a big hassle, especially if you try to clean it yourself. That is why we recommend leaving it to the professionals. Not only will our professional upholstery cleaning services get you a deeper clean, it will remove a lot of the bacteria that has been embedded within the fabric as well. There are many types of upholstery on furniture these days such as microfiber, cotton, linen, leather, wool, nylon, olefin, rayon, polyester, vinyl and silk just to name a few. Each of these materials need to be cleaned in a different way. It’s hard to keep it all straight, which is where our professional upholstery cleaning Integrity Floor Care can help.

Our deep cleaning systems will quickly bring new life to your sofa, chairs and couches. Do you have some stains on your furniture? The faster you work to clean it the better chance you have to remove it before it becomes a permanent part of your furniture.

It is good for you to prevent the accumulation of too much of dirt on the upholstered furniture. Vacuuming the upholstered furniture can help in making them have a prolonged life. There is an angle tipped crevice tool available on most vacuums which can be helpful in accessing those hard to reach areas and thus can keep the upholstery clean. Dust is another big villain. It can settle down on the upholstery and can make the furniture look less than appealing. Removing the cushions once per month and beating them with your hands works well to remove the dust that has built up inside over time. It can be hard I know, but try to avoid eating food on your couch and sofa. Those crumbs always seem to find their way in between the cushions. In most homes people enjoy eating food from their upholstered furniture while watching TV, which is a bad habit and can also spoil the upholstery with the stains from the food. Avoiding this will prolong the life of the furniture so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Dirt, oil, grease and dust builds up and soil your upholstery. Regularly vacuuming is necessary to avoid hard stains as when upholstered furnishings become dirty, they can also become a breeding ground for mould, bacteria, and allergens. Most furniture manufacturers recommend that upholstery should be professionally cleaned every year.

Our Professional upholstery cleaning service guarantees to leave your upholstery neat, clean and looking like new. We are trained in this specialised task. We have the requisite materials and machines, cleaning supplies and training needed to accomplish impeccable upholstery cleaning, safe for you and your family.

Upholstery cleaning is at the complicated end of the cleaning spectrum and is often thought best left to professionals!



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