DIRTY TILES & GROUT? WE CAN HELP! If you like your existing tile and you don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of replacing it, you’ve found the right company!

Integrity Floor Care specializes in restoring your old & dull tile and grout to it’s original condition by offering the below services. Contact us today to have one of our experienced licensed representative’s come out and demonstrate our process and give you a free estimate on the spot!


Clean Tile and Grout – Pretreat all tile and grout with applicable cleaning solution and extract dirt from tile and grout.

Clean & Seal – Pretreat all tile and grout with applicable cleaning solution and extract dirt from tile and grout – Apply clear or color protective sealant to all grout lines.

Clean and Color Seal Tiled Shower Floor – Pretreat & clean tile and grout – Apply “color” protective sealant on “sanded” grout or clear seal protective sealant on “unsanded” grout lines.

Clear Seal Grout & Stone shower floors – Pretreat all tile, stone and grout with applicable cleaning solution and extract dirt from tile stone and grout – Apply a clear protective sealant on grout and or stone.

Tiles come in many different forms, both natural and hand-made, each with different qualities and suitable for different locations. There are man-made ceramic tiles with a glossy finish, although some have a rough finish and are made to replicate the finish of natural stone. Stone and slate tiles are also common types of tile used for flooring and in general there is a perception that a tile floor is easier to keep clean and maintain than a wooden floor or carpet.

At first glance a tiled floor does seem to be wipe-cleanable and these types of flooring will, if professionally installed, often score highly in terms of cost durability. They do have one other characteristic in common which is the tile grout used to fill the spaces between the tiles. It can often be more important to pay attention to the grout than the tiles themselves when considering maintenance and keeping your floor clean.

Grout is a construction material consisting of a mixture of sand, cement and water and is as a result a highly porous material susceptible to staining. If grout does get marked, it can often lead to an uneven and unsatisfactory appearance for the flooring and can be very difficult to clean. It is very important to begin with that the grout is correctly applied, in the case of slate and natural stone, you should consider having a professional do it.

If you take a look at your tiles you may notice that the grout is often recessed lower than the surface level of the tiles, so if there is a spillage, it is here that the liquid will flow. As tiles are often located in areas such as wash-rooms or kitchens where spillages are likely, it means your maintenance efforts are especially important.

Dingy floors, countertops, and showers are no match for our tile and grout cleaning services. Stop wasting time, energy, and money trying to restore floors that clearly need a professional solution. The longer your surfaces go without a deep cleaning, the higher the chance that damage will go deeper and lead to more expensive structural repairs to your home.

You can stop wear and tear in its tracks by contacting Integrity Floor Care. We have the cleaning expertise and technology to reverse the aging of your tile surfaces. Contact us today for an appointment: 941-497-3963



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